Mindomo mind mapping. Prepare to get wowed.

March 6, 2007

Mindomo (www.mindomo.com) is an online mapping tool.
Some features of the free version:

  • You only need a browser and Adobe Flash Player 9
  • Create maps online
  • Save your maps as private or public maps on the Mindomo server
  • Useful mapping functions: flexible layouts, icons, images, text notes

Here are my Mindomo maps.


In the meantime, the people at Mindomo have added a number of features:

    • number of views for a map
    • allowing others to modify your public maps
    • embedding maps in your website, e.g. like this:


(This doesn’t work with blogs hosted by WordPress, since they do not accept Javascript. I’ve sent a request if they can allow Javascript from Mindomo, as they do with YouTube or Google Videos.)