Mindomo mind mapping. Prepare to get wowed.

Mindomo (www.mindomo.com) is an online mapping tool.
Some features of the free version:

  • You only need a browser and Adobe Flash Player 9
  • Create maps online
  • Save your maps as private or public maps on the Mindomo server
  • Useful mapping functions: flexible layouts, icons, images, text notes

Here are my Mindomo maps.


In the meantime, the people at Mindomo have added a number of features:

    • number of views for a map
    • allowing others to modify your public maps
    • embedding maps in your website, e.g. like this:


(This doesn’t work with blogs hosted by WordPress, since they do not accept Javascript. I’ve sent a request if they can allow Javascript from Mindomo, as they do with YouTube or Google Videos.)


2 Responses to Mindomo mind mapping. Prepare to get wowed.

  1. thomasteepe says:

    Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve replaced the original link with a link to my map collection on Mindomo.

    Originally, there was a bug on the profile page. The Mindomo team fixed it;-)

  2. Redge says:

    Your link to the IDEAL template at MINDOMO was broken although it does take you to the MINDOMO site.

    Interesting posts! I’ve enjoyed reviewing your maps. Very few people exploit mapping as a tool to help them manage their business or day to day tasks.

    Thanks for sharing.

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