Tool Maps: Collections of Math Problem Solving Tools

(If you are not familiar with the tool map concept, you find more information in this post.)

Here comes a collection of tool maps.

Tool map example I: Basic Heuristics

This map describes some key procedures for mathematical problem solving using mind maps.
The stages are of course quotes from Polya’s “How to Solve It”.

Tool map Basic Heuristic

The map was prepared using the open source software “Freemind”.

Tool map example II: Understanding the problem

The material for the following two maps is taken from a number of standard sources, like George Polya’s “How To Solve It”, Arthur Engel’s “Problem-Solving Strategies” and Paul Zeitz’ “The Art and Craft of Problem Solving”.

Tool map Understanding the problem

Tool map example III: Devising a plan

Devising a plan

Tool map example IV: Math Creativity

This map is rather experimental and adapts a number of classical creativity techniques, like morphological analysis, bisociation or Osborn’s checklist.
Many of these techniques have been developed in an engineering context. The main inspiration for this map was the excellent book “101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques” by James M. Higgins.

Math Creativity


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