Editing branch images in mind mapping software

November 22, 2009

It would be nice if mind mapping software would not only allow to show images in branches, but also allow editing these images.

Here are some details.

How could it work?
In the context menu for a branch, you choose “Edit image”. An editing window pops up, similar to the window for text notes.
You start with either an existing image from a library or from the internet, or with an empty canvas.
In the image editing window, you edit the image – add, erase or move parts etc. This works especially well in combination with a graphic tablet.
The changes made are shown in the branch image immediately afterwards.
(It may be tricky to find a reasonable scope of functionality – from elementary line drawing to full-fledged image editing software…)

Why is this a good idea?
The feature will strongly support the visual thinking aspects of mind mapping. The benefits of visual thinking have been emphasized often enough, but simply chosing an image from a library or the internet is not nearly enough if you want to use images, diagrams and scribbles for developing ideas and plans.
On the other hand, editing images with a separate piece of software and then putting them into a mind map is by far too clumsy.

Who could use it?
The function will be especially useful for all people working with images, diagrams and formula in their work – e.g. engineers, scientists, and, with a decent scope of image editing functions, designers, artists and advertising experts.