Solving Math Problems

The following article presents a number of key concepts for successful math problem solving.
From the introduction:
“This paper describes a method for solving math problems.The basic idea is to combine two things:

  • First, a simple method for making handwritten notes while thinking about a problem.This method is aimed at supporting
    – a step-by-step approach to problem solving and
    – reflective thinking: Better understand and control what you do while solving a problem.
  • Second, a densely packed cheat sheet with broad advice on math problem solving. At present, this sheet focuses on general methods for problem solving. Later versions may contain material on specific domains like calculus or algebra.

Press the right button on the bar below the document to read it in full screen mode.

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3 Responses to Solving Math Problems

  1. Nice!
    Sorry for late reply.
    And thanks for the donwload link.

  2. thomasteepe says:

    Yes, now there is a way:
    I have added links for downloading the .tex and the .pdf files on the first page.

  3. Nice.
    And is there any way to download these writings as pdf?

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