This is a blog on problem solving methods.
Several posts are dedicated to math problem solving.

The new articles (December 2013 and later) start here.

Here’s an overview over older articles:

Posts dealing with general problem solving and computer aided problem solving:
Problem Solving and Mind Mapping Software and
Problem Solving Templates and Mind Maps and
Mindomo mind mapping. Prepare to get wowed. and
Links to problem solving ideas

Basic ideas on math problem solving and mind mapping:
Math problem solving and mind mapping

Math strategies, tactics and tricks:
Tool Maps: Collections of Math Problem Solving Tools

A short discussion of tool maps:
Criticism to Tool Mapping. Responses.

Why are notes so useful in math?
Making notes and solving (math) problems

How to overcome problem solving difficulties:
What makes solving math problems difficult? Diagnosis and
Math problem solving difficulties: Remedies

And finally, here are two video tutorials on problem solving:


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