A short video on problem solving

January 4, 2009

This 8:55 minute video presents a number of ideas on problem solving:

    – mind mapping and some variations
    – problem solving tools
    – the combination of a problem map and a tool map
    – the IDEAL problem solving process developed by Bransford / Stein

The punch line ideas start at about 5:20, they need some preparation.

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Links to problem solving ideas

January 2, 2009

In this post I collect some of my material on problem solving, math problem solving and mind mapping.

We start with some mind maps on mindomo.com:

Solving Math Problems

Computer Aided Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Math Strategies Poster

The IDEAL Problem Solving Template

Some short essays on scribd.com:

Mind Maps and Math Problem Solving

Mathematical Problem Solving and Mind Mapping

Math Strategy Poster

Problem Solving

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