Combining handwritten math notes and the internet

I’m looking for information on how to combine handwritten math notes and computers and the internet.
My basic idea is to use a graphics tablet and an online canvas that supports collaborative works.

I have few relevant experiences myself, but a number of advantages of combining handwritten notes and computers are obvious:
– Handwritten notes are natural for doing math.
– They are much quicker than TeX etc. and avoid disruptions from coding formulae.
– It’s easy to add simple diagrams etc. in handwritten notes.
– Via the internet, collaborative work with all its benefits becomes possible.
– The material can be made available for a large audience.
– Adding audio streams etc. makes the written material easier to understand.
– An electronic canvas or blackboard can be made much larger than a physical one.
– It’s easy to manipulate elements on the canvas: remove parts, move them, highlight them, change their size, zoom in and zoom out, add comments (written or audio) …
– It’s easy to keep track of different versions.
(I know there are a number of severe shortcomings – messy handwriting being a major one.)

So – any ideas on this?


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